Parent Information

Parent Information

Parent Information

Welcome to all parents of current and prospective members of Phi Kappa Psi at DePauw University!

To give you some background, DePauw's Greek system began just eight years after the founding of Indiana Asbury College in 1837. The Delta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi fraternity was established here in 1845, Phi Gamma Delta (commonly known as Fiji) in 1856, Sigma Chi in 1859, Phi Kappa Psi in 1865, Delta Kappa Epsilon in 1866, Phi Delta Theta in 1868, Delta Tau Delta in 1871, and Delta Upsilon in 1887.

Women were first admitted to Indiana Asbury in 1867. The first Greek letter fraternity for women soon followed. In January 1870, Kappa Alpha Theta was founded at DePauw as the world's first Greek letter fraternity known among women. Kappa Kappa Gamma established a chapter at DePauw in 1875. Notably, Alpha Chi Omega became the second Alpha Chapter established at DePauw, after Theta, when it was founded here in 1885.

Since their founding, DePauw's Greek organizations have placed a strong emphasis on scholarship and philanthropy, while providing important opportunities to socialize and interact with members of DePauw's diverse community through scheduled projects and social gatherings.

The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity was founded in 1852 at Jefferson College in Pennsylvania. Similar to the other Greek organizations at DePauw, Phi Psi was founded to provide opportunities for leadership and professional development, community service, academic excellence, and social engagement. However, unique to Phi Kappa Psi is its motto which illustrates the focus of its founders…the great joy of serving others.

The Phi Kappa Psi chapter at DePauw University, known as Indiana Alpha, was chartered in January of 1865 and has operated without interruption since that time. Our chapter regularly operates with anywhere from 60 to 110 undergraduate members per year. The chapter house, affectionately referred to as the Rockpile, stands close to center of campus and is owned and maintained by the Indiana Alpha House Corporation, which is operated by DePauw Phi Psi alumni volunteers. The House Corporation employs a full-time House Director, Dorothy “Mom” Brown, a cooking staff, and additional third party contractors for maintenance and property upkeep as needed.

As undergraduate members and residents of the Rockpile, your sons will assume the responsibility of carrying out chapter operations and participating in the day to day maintenance of the chapter house during their time at DePauw. Activities involved with chapter operations include attending required national conferences, holding committee and officer positions related to chapter business, planning and executing events, and taking part in educational opportunities sponsored by the Fraternity. As residents of the chapter house, our members are expected to maintain upkeep in personal and community areas within the chapter house and follow all rules and policies enforced by the House Corporation and the chapter bylaws.

Parents are also encouraged to participate in the chapter operations by attending events such as family or parents weekends, or participating as an advocate for the Indiana Alpha experience by volunteering on the Parents Club. In the past, the Parents Club activities have helped purchase luxury items for the chapter house and its members, coordinating silent auctions and social events, and worked with the House Corporation to create an overall improved undergraduate experience. Anyone interested in participating in the Parents Club may reach out to the House Director, Dorothy “Mom” Brown.

When your son chooses that he wants to be a Phi Psi, he is confirming his dedication to the ideals of the brotherhood of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. He strives to be an upstanding individual in the community, as he participates in both leadership activities and philanthropic events. He knows that his grades are vital, as are his set of social skills that help with assimilation into society. He believes in the concept of brotherhood, in that he knows he can rely on his fellow brothers in any time of need, while fulfilling his own obligation for brotherly support. With acceptance into Phi Kappa Psi, a young man possesses the knowledge that he is a brother for life.


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