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How Did Phi Kappa Psi Make You the Man You Are Today?

We all gained invaluable lifelong benefits from Phi Kappa Psi. Did you learn about leadership at Phi Kappa Psi? Do the fraternity's core values play a role in your life today? Did you make a romantic or career connection thanks to Phi Kappa Psi?

Let us know how Phi Kappa Psi helped make you the man you are today. Click here to share your stories.

Kicking Off the New Year with a Blank Slate

We wrapped up our 2015 giving year with $5,645 from 57 donors. Unfortunately, this was a far cry from our set goal of $10,000 from 100 donors.

As an alumnus, you may not have Indiana Alpha Chapter at the top of your priority list. Maybe you’ve lost touch, maybe you’ve gotten caught up with your job, your family and a life of your own. There are many reasons why you might not be as close to the chapter as you’d like, but there’s one big reason why you should be.

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Have you read the latest issues of The Indiana Alphan?

In case you missed the latest issue of The Indiana Alphan newsletter you can find it in the archives by clicking on the image below and downloading the PDF version:



you can also find this and all other archived issued of The Indiana Alphan by clicking here, which will take you to our archived newsletter page!

Phi Psi: Brotherhood for Life?

As brothers of the Indiana Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi we have certainly heard it before: Phi Psi is for life. But just as a “like” on Facebook means we can support something from a distance without completely becoming engaged or invested, we are wondering what you are doing to follow through with this mission. Does it actually mean anything, or is it just a feel-good notion that rests in your mind as you hope that others are taking the reins and doing what needs to be done to keep Phi Psi competitive on the DePauw campus?

Heavy stuff? Yeah, maybe. But as you have already read in this newsletter, members of our alumni brotherhood are really living their “Men of Honor” pledge for life. The 150th anniversary celebration should get you thinking about what you can do to support Indiana Alpha. You can attend this event, provide feedback, share your stories or you can make a financial gift.

As we continue in our 2015 Annual Fund giving year, we hope you will support Indiana Alpha through a new or renewed contribution. You can simply call 800-975-6699 to make your gift. All contributions are appreciated.

Lost Lists

We're missing contact information of alumni brothers, and need your help to find them. Click below to download a copy of our current lost mailing list or email list. Send our alumni partner, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., your updates.