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How Did Phi Kappa Psi Make You the Man You Are Today?

We all gained invaluable lifelong benefits from Phi Kappa Psi. Did you learn about leadership at Phi Kappa Psi? Do the fraternity's core values play a role in your life today? Did you make a romantic or career connection thanks to Phi Kappa Psi?

Let us know how Phi Kappa Psi helped make you the man you are today. Click here to share your stories.

Survey Results

A Few Brothers Have Spoken.

You answered five brief questions in a survey last month. Here is what you said:

What is your fondest memory of being part of Phi Kappa Psi?

  • Not a specific incident but the bonding with all the brothers. 
  • Conversations and dancing with friends
  • Friendships that have continued for a lifetime - with classmates, brothers in the house while living there and alums from many classes that preceded us who came back each year.


What are the top 3 things you gained from your Phi Kappa Psi experience?

  • 1. Confidence 2.Social skills 3. I admired the four phi beta academic recipients in my group including DePauw's valedictorian which encouraged me to work harder.
  • 1. life-long best friend 2. appreciation for study and intellectual pursuits 3. group of caring friends
  • How to be responsible both individually and as a class and house - thru pledge training and as a freshman having the responsibility of cleaning the house every Saturday morning and as an upperclassman with administrative roles for the betterment of our brotherhood. How to be socially responsible and respectful with each other, our alums and fellow students and professors and administrators on our campus. Lifetime friendships.


How would your life be different today if you had never joined Phi Kappa Psi?

  • I wouldn't have my best friends and wouldn't be a physician.
  • Would not have met my best and life-long friend


Share an update (family, career, hobbies, other interesting news) for possible publication in an upcoming mailing.

  • Along with Jeff Lewis '70 who was my roommate at Phi Psi I run the Tumaini Global Health Foundation which promotes undergraduate global health education at schools like DePauw, Wabash, and Butler. We provide outside speakers as well as taking students to National global health meetings.
  • Retired 4 yrs. Living on the Rappahannock river in VA
  • We have lost a wonderful fraternity brother, Dick Tomey, class of 1960. Dick is a member if the DePauw Athletic Hall of Fame, and other Athletic HOFs for his college football coaching career. His is still the winningest UnIversity of Arizona football coach ever and was also a standout catcher on the DePauw baseball team. Check his football coaching history out on the internet and go to the DePauw HOF room and read his plaque. He was also the pledge trainer of my class when he was a junior. His story deserves a place in an upcoming mailing.


As an alumni association, we strive to keep you connected with the Indiana Alpha chapter long after graduation. What could we do to encourage you to become more active in the association? Perhaps by hosting more fun events? Any other advice?

  • More in depth on the people in the house, e.g. what each graduating senior plans to do.
  • I come back to DePauw about every 5 years. I have become sorely disappointed when I have stopped by the house, especially one Sunday morning around 11am. Members were not interested in greeting me, didn't even ask my name, very unfriendly and impolite, didn't offer to show me around or ask why I was there (was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame that weekend) place was a mess and needing cleaning. Also, broken beer bottles were all over the front yard. The athletic director asked me at the induction ceremony if I could get the house to clean up the front yard of broken beer bottles as it was an eyesore for the campus and recruiting visit tours. Things have drastically changed since I was in school and I am sure the membership is made up of some fine people, but this was appalling and embarrassing, and reflected a standard of living and attitude way below what they were when I lived there. This needs correcting in my opinion if I am to become an alum interested in being associated with the present chapter. Where is the leadership??
  • I would strongly advise implementing a program to be held at all the chapters which teaches these young men what rape is, what is consensual sex or non consensual sex... and that alcohol should never be used to alter the guests who visit the house.


Thank you for sharing your touching memories and your opinions. Your words mean something to us, brothers. We have heard you and will act on your advice.

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