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How Did Phi Kappa Psi Make You the Man You Are Today?

We all gained invaluable lifelong benefits from Phi Kappa Psi. Did you learn about leadership at Phi Kappa Psi? Do the fraternity's core values play a role in your life today? Did you make a romantic or career connection thanks to Phi Kappa Psi?

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Flashback: Old Photo of Campus Icon and Brothers Still Has Power to Inspire

This photo image features the 1974 fall pledge class of Indiana Alpha at DePauw Unhersity. The Chapter was especially proud of the 18-member pledge class as the Chapter was one of the two fraternities at DePauw to make quota. This photo first appeared in the Fall, 1974 edition of The Shield (Volume 95 No. 1).

Image of ’74 Pledge Class Was Published Nationally in The Shield

Icons. Every campus has them. DePauw University’s got historic East College. Sometimes our icons are epic. Sometimes they are mundane. But their presence comforts, inspires, and roots us. And we often build our best memories around them. But an icon without the human presence somehow becomes less. And the combination somehow becomes more.

Built in 1877, East College is still the oldest and most iconic building on DePauw's campus, having made its way onto the National Register of Historic Places. But what immortalized it in the memory of many Pi Kappa Psi members was the unique combination of icons and people. Like this cover photo of the 1974 DePauw pledge class of 18 brothers (most of whom graduated in the Centennial year of the construction of East College) surrounding the Boulder (one of those mundane icons) with the magnificent East College clock tower towering above them. That picture no doubt triggers a rush of emotion for those brothers still with us, and vivid memories of scents and sounds, the feel of the breeze on their faces, and the glint of the sun, and what it felt like to have your life stretching in front of you with limitless possibility.

There’s a reason that photo came to grace the front page of our 1974 national fraternity publication, The Shield. That potent combination of the icons and the young men associating themselves with them came to represent something profound and optimistic and encouraging. It still does today.

Together, we made dreams and memories. And those experiences will always be there to encourage, motivate, and inspire us.

Brothers – were you there in ’74 to see the original photo session? Tell us what it was like! Readers of other eras – do you have a favorite picture of your Alpha Mu gathering in a familiar campus location? – Go to our website form by CLICKING HERE, to send us your photo, image, and/or description.

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